Andrea Opoku

Andrea Opoku

Founder & Managing Director

An experienced marketing professional, Andrea has worked in the fields of branding, marketing and PR for over 15 years.


Her professional life began at a multimedia software publishing company in Paris in 1997 and moved on to cover campaign management and communications roles in a number of industries including property, education, food retail, men’s fashion, office design & build, and outdoor adventure sports products.


As a long-standing member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), she is part of the founding team running the popular Women In Marketing (WIM) network annual events and awards. WIM event keynote speakers and award winners have included senior marketers from Google, O2, Channel 4, Sony, Toyota and more.


Andrea also has considerable experience and a passion for working with female entrepreneurs. As a married mother of two boys herself she previously managed two women in business networks in South East and South West London, which provided advice, support, networking opportunities and workshops for local women.


Formerly the Marketing & Corporate Communications Director at the Association for African Owned Enterprises, Andrea has many connections with and a passion for the African continent, particularly Ghana, her home country. Andrea blogs and writes about the growth of the continent and the marketing and business challenges arising from its growth.


When not working or spending time with her family Andrea likes to keep fit taking part in Bootcamp training and yoga.




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