We have a team of experienced creatives whose sole purpose is to develop innovate branding and marketing collateral that represents your business and engages your audiences.

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Brand Creation Co

Brand CreationGreat branding is about more than just logos and taglines. Whether you’re an established business or a new venture with an ambitious vision for success, you want your brand to deliver the right first impression, and create lasting appeal. We’ll create the look, feel and attitude that turns a brand into something special, and, most importantly, connects with your target market. From brand naming and strategy to visual and verbal identity, we’ll create a strong brand that both you, as our client, and your customers can believe in.

Corporate Identity Co

Corporate-Identity-THC-300x211Your identity embodies the essence of your business. Whether you’re a start-up or an established name, we’ll capture its spirit and create an identity that lives and breathes for years to come.

Our service can include every aspect of corporate identity, from logo design right through to the visual styling of your entire organisation – everything from the design of corporate brochures, annual reports, internal communication materials, company presentations and videos even the styling of staff uniforms where appropriate or the signage in your company headquarters.

Brand Guidelines Co

Brand Guidelines FLCCOnce your brand enters the world, it’ll need the protection afforded by clear brand guidelines, which encourage consistency and recognition. We can develop a visual and verbal language for your brand that makes it easy to maintain its clarity and consistency.

Brand guidelines enable you to pass on your brand’s visual language easily – to design agencies, web developers, signage firms, etc. We create detailed but accessible brand guidelines in print or digital form, with font and colour-palette guides, and tone of voice documents to make sure your written materials are consistent too. See an example here

Literature & Stationery Co

Literature and StationeryTraditional print-based marketing materials still have their place alongside the many digital options, and the creatives at GreenBean Marketing relish the challenge of creating beautiful and effective brochures, annual reports, sales materials and stationery.

Even in today’s world, face-to-face meetings are crucially important in creating strong relationships with your audiences. They bring with them a demand for high quality letterheads, business cards, presentations, sales materials, corporate videos, brochures, leaflets and annual reports –all representing your brand.

Advertising Co

AdvertisingWith 250–3,000+ advertising messages being targeted at individuals every day, it sometimes seems as though the whole world is talking at once. It takes a real stand-out campaign to grab attention. We’ll deliver campaign ideas designed to work across all the most appropriate media, so whether we use print, online, broadcast or outdoor media, your audiences will always know you’re speaking to them. We might combine traditional routes with digital advertising, or it could all take place in the digital realm – whatever’s right to reach the people you need to speak to.

Exhibitions & Events Co

Be it a consumer or trade exhibition or a business event, stunning exhibition graphics can really set your company apart. The GreenBean Marketing creative team can act as your one-stop exhibition solution, or you can just use our design skills to create your stand’s look – whatever works best for you.

From exhibition graphics to the design and build of exhibition stands, our solutions ensure you make an impression in an environment that’s totally dedicated to helping you represent your brand.

The same services can also be used to create high-impact environments for product launch events, roadshows and other experiential environments where you need a physical brand presence.

Websites Co

WebsitesFrom the simplest single-page microsite to the most complex e-commerce site or community forum, we’ll always puts the user at the heart of the web experience. The result is engaging and responsive websites with compelling content and intuitive navigation. Our technological know-how coupled with our emphasis on mobile design ensure that we always deliver bespoke and future-proof solutions focused on your needs.

Video Co

VideoRetail website visitors who view video stay 2 minutes longer on average and are 64% more likely to purchase than other website visitors (source: Comscore).

The strengths of video in business are clear. Our team has created highly effective videos in a wide range of markets, tailoring them for use with websites, social media, email, exhibitions – whatever your brand requires.

Whether you need to summarise your brand and mission in a corporate video, deliver a personalised message, or throw the spotlight on an individual product or range of products, we can recommend the most appropriate video solution, and then bring the concept to life.