GreenBean Marketing

Since 2008 we’ve been delivering results for businesses and their teams – advising, training, creating and implementing targeted campaigns.

Founded by Andrea Opoku, GreenBean Marketing’s remit is to deliver marketing and communications campaigns and brand development to organisations in the UK, Africa and Europe.

Led by an enthusiastic and pragmatic approach to client projects, we enable all businesses to connect with their audiences.

We believe there are 3 principles to effectively communicating a marketing message: Creativity, Clarity & Consistency.


“Curiosity about life in all its aspects, I think, 
is still the secret of great creative people.”


~ Leo Burnett


Creativity – not just in visual communications but also in our strategic approach. We know the best solution isn’t always immediately outside the box – sometimes it’s underneath, on top or even a couple of miles away!


“Making the simple complicated is commonplace; 

Making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, 

that’s creativity.”


~ Charles Mingus


Clarity – in the singularity of your marketing message, yes, but also in how you communicate complex information. We aim to make sure your messages are received and understood by your audiences in the simplest way possible.


Getting an audience is hard.

Sustaining and audience is hard.

It demands a consistency, 

of thought, of purpose, and of action

over a long period of time.


~ Bruce Springsteen


In our information economy, keeping your clients is hard – and keeping them delighted is even more so. We’ll work with you to ensure Consistency in your branding and marketing messages as well as regularity in your communications both to attract new business and to keep it with you.

Working with us you will:

  • Get a real sense that we understand what you need as a client – we’ve been clients ourselves
  •  Know that we have a genuine interest in getting to know you and your business motivations and aspirations
  • Receive honest and realistic advice without over-promising
  • Get cost-effective and flexible services matched to your business objectives, budget and timescale
  • Have experienced professionals working with you at all times.

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