Who We Are

GreenBean Marketing was set up in 2008 by Andrea Opoku for two reasons: firstly, to help business owners navigate, what seemed even then, the complex world of marketing. Secondly, it was the easiest, most convenient and cost effective way for Andrea to become her own boss and raise a family.

Now nearly 7 years on those same values still ring true and are shared by our small but diverse team of creatives, specialists and generalists. By working with people who know and love their craft; are happiest doing what they love and in an environment they love; everybody – not least the client – wins!

We now service clients all over the UK and internationally and work with service providers and suppliers all over the world.

Cloud-based platforms such as Skype, Dropbox, and Basecamp all enable a lean business model, allowing teams and clients to keep in contact and monitor progress on projects remotely. This helps us to be accessible and to respond quickly to potential business. In addition, we keep our environmental impact and overheads to a minimum.

We have grown through developing strong personal relationships with our clients and delivering great service levels and bottom-line results consistently.