5 Proven Ways To Launch Your Business Into the Stratosphere

Sometimes you just get stuck…!


You know, your business is just chugging along, just about making it through each month. You’re getting your products or services out there but you’re still on the same treadmill chasing after clients.


You need a change. You need that one marketing idea or campaign that will get you out of your rut and launch your business into the stratosphere….


Well here are five!

  1. Get Kate Middleton to endorse your products or services
  2. Take out an advert at the world’s most famous advertising location at Piccadilly Circus
  3. Become a major sponsor at the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil
  4. Antagonise the Church of England like Wonga did, or any other religious body for that matter.
  5. Use controversy and sex to sell your products or services – some great examples here.


For those business owners with some morals, who don’t have unlimited resources and a black book of A-list celebrity contacts, here are a few more realistic ideas that will help you get out of that rut:


1.   Write a book

As hard as it seems to some, writing a book is not as big a mountain to climb as you might think. Its also one of the best ways to be seen as an expert and to draw attention to yourself and your business. Also think about the sense of personal achievement it would give you…


2.   Share your knowledge and opinions in articles, blogs, video clips, audio…

Whichever channel you use sharing your thoughts and expertise in public will slowly but surely get you a following. Be real, be yourself, add value and do it often. If you can link your business to your posts without blatantly selling your wares you’ll be onto a winner!


3.   Enter awards and competitions

Equal only to endorsements from trustworthy friends, winning an award or competition can give you and your business an enormous boost if you get the PR right. There are so many around so get looking

4.   Set up a referral programme

The best way to get referred business is to ask for it! Simple as that. Make it incentivised or not. The vast majority of consumers as well as businesses buy products and services that have been referred to them.


5.   Sponsor a local charity event

This may cost a bit, and it could be in cash or products/services, but it’s a great way to get your business known locally as a pillar of the community, and as you know more and more people are buying local.


6.   Send teabags instead of leaflets

… or something equally as unexpected but intriguing. In my corporate life I was sent a baseball bat as a piece of direct mail from a design agency. It sat on my desk for months reminding me about the company and I eventually contacted them to pitch for a project. They didn’t win but the point is the item was so interesting I didn’t want to through it out, and when I was ready they were one of the first on my list of companies to contact. A teabag may not last as long but you get my drift!


7.   Collaboration

Teaming up with another business and running a joint project or campaign is one of the best way to widen your network and have more people know about what you offer.


8.   Use a coach

Maybe not an obvious one to put on a list of marketing ideas, but you’ll be surprised how many great ideas you already have in your head. Sometimes you just need help to tease them out and implement them. Let me show you how marketing coaching can help you transform your business.


9.   Be a guest speaker

As with writing a book, becoming a keynote speaker or running workshops will help you be seen as an expert in your field. Do it well and inspire people to take action and you’ll become a sought-after speaker who people will pay for you to speak at their event.

Speaking of which, you can catch me at the end of this month speaking about starting a business in an emerging country here.


10.  Pick up the phone

The simplest, cheapest and most effective way to promote your business and get more clients. The obvious ones are always the best!



Disclaimer: These are all wonderful marketing ideas but as I always say: Marketing activities without an overall marketing strategy often results in short term fixes and not long term growth!



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