How To Become A Best-Selling Author

Tuesday 20th August 2013, 12-1pm

Contrary to popular belief having a best-selling book is not always down to luck or even the popularity of the author. There is a formula that is used by authors and publishing houses which when implemented properly will give you phenomenal results!

Most people know now that writing a book is one of the best ways to be seen as an expert in your field. But writing a book to have it sit on the shelf and have no one see how wonderful and knowledgeable you are doesn’t help you.

Becoming a best selling author starts way before you write the book.


This webinar is an introduction to and the first of 3 webinars in a 30-day programme that will take you through the strategies some of the best selling authors and publishers are using to get their books flying off the shelves.


At the end of the 30 days you will have a comprehensive action plan including everything you need to launch and continue marketing your book after launch.

Over the 30 days you’ll also learn

  • The key factors that determine a books success
  • The formulas strategies authors and publishers employ
  • Some of the success stories and why they were a success
  • Of many of the resources available to authors
  • Plus much more…

There are a limited number of places on the How To Become A Best Selling Author programme so you’ll need to be quick!

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