Building the Right Foundations

Earlier this week I spoke to groups of year 9-11 students at a Careers Day at a school in Catford. I was a little anxious in going. I speak to business owners everyday and I regularly speak at business seminars and training events, but the thought of being questioned by a group of teenagers about what I do made me feel very uneasy…


I got mixed reactions from the students. Some were very focussed and others showed zero interest – looking around the room, rather bored…


Seeing that reaction made me think about their foundations and upbringing. It made me wonder about my own children and if I was setting the right example for them and building the right foundations etc


The same can be applied to your business – which is like your child 🙂
Are you setting the right example?
Are you building good foundations?
Are you exposing you business to the right influences?


Just taking one of those elements – Foundations
Do you have the right systems in place? – not necessarily technical
Are you consistent with your marketing activity?
Do you have a long-term view in mind?
Have you set yourself targets?


As business owners we have invested time and money, blood, sweat and tears into our businesses. Generally as a business owner you know where you want to get to, but sometimes need support like some of the students did as to how to get to your destination.


This may be in:
Positioning your business and your brand to attract the right type of clients
Find more engaging ways to communicate with potential clients
Or just finding more clients!


With 2013 fast approaching its time to put in place your plan to reach your destination.


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