LinkedIn Basics: Getting the Most Out of Your Personal Profile

For some years now LinkedIn has been know as the most popular professional network, now with over 225 million+ members. The benefits of using LinkedIn are widely published, but many people still struggle to get the most out of the social network.


LinkedIn should be treated like a networking event or conference – somewhere you go to connect with people, exchange knowledge, ideas and opportunities. Whatever your objective in using LinkedIn, whether that be looking for new career opportunities; increasing your own profile, expanding your network, getting more clients… This post goes right back to basics and gives you tips on how to set up and maintain your LinkedIn profile to get the most out of it:


Make a good impression…

Your personal profile on LinkedIn is essentially your shop window.

  • Upload a good professional headshot of yourself
  • Add a compelling headline – how you would describe yourself at a networking event
  • Complete the rest of you profile – a 100% complete profile increases the number of times you come up in a search, on LinkedIn and other search engines such as Google.
  • Use popular keywords in your profile summary that relate to what you do


Leverage your existing network…

Just connecting with those in your existing network will open the door to thousands of other potential connections.

  • As you would at a business event connect with people who are of interest to you and your business
  • Increase your connections naturally: Connect LinkedIn to your email system and send invitations to existing contacts; look for past and existing work/business colleagues; find classmates; use LinkedIn’s connection suggestions
  • Too few connections on LinkedIn would mean you not getting found.


Recommendations are the heart of LinkedIn…

  • People buy from people not faceless companies, so personal recommendations on your profile mean everything
  • Recommendations provide instant credibility
  • Recommend others and don’t be afraid to request recommendations
  • According to some experts, not having a minimum of 3 recommendations is equal to not having photo!


Regular interaction is key…

Like regular networking keeping in touch with your contacts is key to building relationships

  • Consistently posting timely and relevant status updates will let your connections know you are still active and looking for opportunities
  • LinkedIn Groups cover many many industries and professions. Joining relevant groups and regularly participating in discussions increases your visibility and can demonstrate your expertise
  • LinkedIn has many other features and applications you can use to interact with people and showcase your expertise. Choose the ones that are relevant to you and work the best.


If you’d like more information on how to make the most of LinkedIn or any other social network get in touch. I offer group and 1 to 1 training programmes that start from £90.



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