{Podcast Interview} Griselda K. Togobo Shares Some of Her strategies on Packaging & Pricing Your Services

I’ve known Griselda for many years and right from the start she struck me as one of the smartest most generous people know. We instantly connected.


Listen to this podcast as I interviewed Griselda about the content of one of her most popular books – How To Package & Price Your Services So Clients Buy More & Stay Longer.


Service-oriented businesses always have this problem and generally end up packaging and pricing their services through trial and sometimes very expensive errors.


In this interview Griselda shares some of the best strategies on packaging your services so that clients and compelled to buy and to stay longer.


How to package and price your services so clients buy more and stay longer 25-06-2013 12.59.mp3




If you want to purchase the book, which is actually a 150-page manual so it really gives you practical step-by-step instructions that you can implement straight away, click here to read more about it.


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Griselda has helped many entrepreneurs to accelerate their business growth, transforming their lives and giving them a fresh perspective on life and business. She had the honor of also being nominated and shortlisted for the Precious Awards Best Mentor in 2012 and is also an Enterprise Ambassador for Leeds University. 


Her blog www.awovi.com is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs with the tools to create financially sound businesses by applying the right business growth strategies. Through her coaching programs, articles, books, live training events and speaking, Griselda inspires and motivates others to make the changes necessary to achieve their dreams. She is well known for her down to earth but no-excuses approach to life and business. She is a chartered accountant and holds an MPhil in Industrial Systems, Manufacture and Management from Wolfson College, Cambridge University.



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