Read this before you order another batch of promotional pens or calendars! Pt.1 – Gifts

So we’re coming to the end of September. I hate to add to the creeping reality but Christmas will soon be upon us. It’ll be open season for business owners to find gifts to thank the clients they’ve had in the year.


Before you order another set of ballpoint pens or a batch of 2014 calendars, stop yourself, have a think…


Now what is the real reason you’re sending your client a gift?


To say thank you for their custom?


To remind them that you are still here when they need you?


To gain brownie points for future business?


What you really want is to create a positive and memorable experience for that client at the point in which they receive the gift. Done properly you’ll be etched in that person’s memory for a long time.


“people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

~ Maya Angelou


Now finding a great thank you gift doesn’t have to be expensive, it just needs a little thought and creativity.


Read how one piece of direct marketing got my attention.



A few of thank you gift suggestions for a few businesses I know of or have worked with:

  • Mum & Baby Holidays – A cool Mum and Baby sunglasses set to say thank you for your bookings
  • Off To See My Lawyer, a law firm targeting female entrepreneurs –  A Mary Poppins umbrella in the same colour as the branding with a note saying thank you for taking up our services.
  • Expartus LLC, a consultancy helping students get into Ivy League Colleges and Top Business Schools – Individually monogrammed Mont Blanc pen set (or something equally as expensive, also personalised) congratulating the client on getting into their preferred school.


Some things to consider before choosing a gift for a client:

  • Anything that has your company logo on it is not a gift – it’s a promotional item! Be clear on that. It may be a very nice promotional item that the recipient will enjoy and use over and over again. But the fact that it’s branded with your company logo means it’s promoting your company.
  • Choose a gift that says something about your business – You can still send something that says something about your company and/or the relationship with the client, that still does not bear your logo.
  • No gift cards! – Gift cards actually represent the opposite of the word ‘gift’ – very little thought and effort goes into them.
  • Make it thoughtful – You’ve known this client for some time now so you should know a bit about them. Choose something that they personally would like or would benefit their business.


What gifts will you be sending to your clients this season?


What interesting gifts have you receive from suppliers?



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