January Will Be Over Before You Know It!

So it’s now Tuesday 8th January 2013.


By now most of us have set our goals for 2013. You know…, it’s the start of a new year, making resolutions and targets is what we do at this time.


You may have also spent time reviewing and analysing your business performance in 2012? Did you meet the targets you set yourself in January?


Being a year of great national pride and sporting success with the London Olympics, the Queens Jubilee and many other national events; did your business do as well as the nation’s reputation?


Another question: If you didn’t do so well, do you know why?


As business owners we are generally very passionate and enthusiastic about our businesses. We have a long-term vision which helps us set goals. What many have trouble with is putting an effective plan in place to be able to achieve those goals and get the results needed.


Over the years working with business owners, the same marketing challenges keep coming up:

  • How do I find my point of difference from the competition?
  • What low cost & effective marketing ideas and activities can I use?
  • How to do I reach my target audiences?
  • How do I put in place a strategy, a plan with timelines and assurance that I’m going in the right direction?
  • How do I take my business to the next level?
  • and ultimately… How to get more clients and increase my profitability?


If what you’ve been doing in 2012 hasn’t helped you address these challenges, something needs to change in 2013!


A few useful nuggets for your 2013 Marketing Plan:


Focus on the customer – An oldie but goodie that is always relevant. Who are they? What do they want? How do they buy?


Integrate your activity – When running a campaign be consistent with your message and use all the relevant marketing channels you can to maximise results


Leverage technology – Developments in social media and digital marketing make is so much easier to reach a much wider audience, at the same time saving time and money.


Track & review – Regularly monitor the results of your activities and adjust them accordingly, or just try something different!


I have developed a range of Business Growth and Marketing Planning packages to help businesses whichever stage they are at:


Online Resources and Checklists that will get you started and thinking along the right lines


Strategy Days – an intense day or half day spent working solely on your business formulating an action plan to take your business forward in 2013.


On-going 1 to 1 Consultancy and Marketing Service delivery as your Strategic Marketing partner we’ll take the weight of your hands and guarantee you results.


If you want to take your business to the next level in 2013, let’s have a chat.


I’m offering a FREE 45 minute Consultation and Strategic Review of your business via telephone or Skype. PLUS 10% off any services booked by 31st January 2013.


Email hello@greenbeanmarketing.co.uk and quote 2013 OFFER in the subject box.


Don’t hang around, January will be over before you know it!





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